Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm responsible for how I feel

Happy New Year 2011.

I promise, unto myself, this year is going to be fun. This year is going to be beautiful. This year is going to give me Peace and Happiness, the two most wonderful of things. This year is going to be all it promises it will be.

It better be!

As for Resolutions go

  1. Do (Write) things within the time when and where it means something.
  2. Keep the silence and learn to implement "The real art of conversation is in not saying the right thing at the right time. But also in not saying the wrong thing in the most tempting of times"
  3. See the positive in every person and situation
  4. Get some alone time and occasionally get away to value and uphold privacy.
  5. Remember Theedhum nandrum pirar thara vaaraa!

I think five is good enough to try and follow until the year-end appraisal (which seems to come truly fast these days)

Anyhoo... Here’s wishing happy New Year to you and your family. Hope love and peace and good health flourish in your life.