Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Killing her softly

Slave to his song, she was
A stranger he was, to her
Strumming her feelings with words,
Singing as if he knew
Though had lived with her, in her past
Reading her every thought
Her heart’s unfinished letters
Her soul’s deepest desire
He lived, not realizing her presence
She, in agony, that he is there around

The song of friendship…
In the rhyme of words
‘I miss u da’, clich├ęd
which she treasured and wanted more
The tune of dearness…
In the rhythm of care
‘Der r moments in life…’
which she possessed and wanted more
He a dream in relaity
But a reality in dream

The incentives comes at an expense
Not for the rainbow,
But for the sunshine she yearn
He maybe miles and smiles away
Yet, in a phrase, in a song, in a scent he lives
So close, very close that it makes her gasp for breath
The moral he explained
A reason to smile, even now

She wants to hear him say it
Only once…just once!
Desperately wants it to be a reality
She is prepared to wait till eternity…

1 comment:

Sundar said...

words ellam korvaya nalla vanthu irruku. Unamayilae nall ezhuthurapaa nee