Thursday, March 2, 2006

Special Occasion..

"Hey, here is one thing, really important, that I want to tell you"
"What? What is it??"
"I’m getting engaged. The wedding is in March"
" "

This is an extract from the conversation I had with my friend sometime back in November last year.
Clad in a pretty red traditional nine-yards saree with million multi-colored garlands wrapped around her neck, the bride comes on to the manai. Looking fabulous, her face glows with a radiant smile, revealing a slight nervousness – which, I guess, could be a mixture of unrest; of all the attention; the promises of a new phase life; the anticipation that things should proceed well; the eagerness to be with the man she loves, believes and treasures. The father of the bride takes her hand and places over the groom’s in the holy and the very emotional tradition kannikadhanam, after which the groom accepts the bride into his life and they unite tying the knot.
I always find this to be the most special and moving part of the whole marriage ceremony.

It was extra special today, as I watched my dear friend and roommate Harini, walk the first seven steps into matrimony, with Mukund.

Best wishes dear, for a very happy and content married life.

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Harini said...

i love you dear!