Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bakery case!

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No one can say anything harsher than this to drive home some points. This would have been the exact reaction from a normal person watching that movie. True, in every sense and word. The impersonation is impeccable. The mood and the plot are so accurate. Especially the mocking of punchline-crap "oru thadava mudivu panitenna yen pecha naane keka maaten" with the repartee as “unoda pecha neeya kaeka mattenna apram mathavanga yepidi kepanga?" is just brilliant.

But I feel this and this are totally uncalled for. I guess some politics and power. But it saddens that people can't take some jest, and they have to go and create a huge fuss. For a public personality, one would expect them to be mature enough to take adoration and dislike in their stride. I don’t see them complaining about too many praises and awards. Moreover, the episode is in particular more caustic towards the actor in the movie (in sense, the story, the mannerism, clich├ęs, in short, all the pitfalls of the movie. Well, the whole movie then) but did not target the real life person. Did the actor actually believe that people (general audience, not fans) would love his products, no matter how crappy it was? And it’s hard to sympathize with the so-claimed hurt when coming from the group, whose movie give a feeling of, if you have seen one you have seen it all. Truth be told, the spoof has more variety and interesting pieces than the original. (Aside, the movie is a hit, and has grossed pretty well in BO, which is a shame itself) To be jumpy, and cross at a negative feedback shows nothing but immaturity and cowardice. C’MON. Frankly, the actor has nothing to be angry about. This movie is actually a copy from a movie from another language; that too, to the very last detail, including the actor’s mannerism. It wouldn’t hurt to be taking risk and venturing into something different in the field of acting, rather than to be banking on other people’s success for your own success. Then people would respect you, at least, for that. All I would say is, if you don’t want to be ridiculed don’t be ridiculous.

I don’t understand, how can something be offensive, when it is the fact? Maybe the truth was what was offensive.


Anonymous said...

Well said..

Harini said...

Serious aa pesara roomie.... enala thanga mudiyalai