Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I HATE dogs!

I hate them and I hate them really ardently. I also hate people who turn up their nose, when I say I don’t like dogs. Extra annoying thing is when they say, ‘Oh no! He is harmless’. What’s up with those people? It’s a DOG. I hate everything about those dogs right from the fact that they smell funny, their fangs/ dirty teeth, the saliva and that irritating growl. How ever clean and tidied up a dog may seem, the way the dog comes running to you and lick you over (and how ever friendly that might seem) how ever listening and caring that dog is, it is just a dog. A filthy animal, disgusting, annoying and scary. I don’t know how any sane person can relate to an animal. Well, I don’t mean the dogs harm, but CMON……

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