Friday, October 9, 2009

Some thing I wrote a long time ago.

This was something I wrote a long time ago. Intended to be a testimony, with some hidden meanings denoting events that were of great significance at that time. Now it’s all irrelevant (not the testimony though. That still stands). It's amazing, that what once meant something very huge,as time progresses, seems to fade in importance

A heart that's sweet 'n sincere;
Faces the charades and remains unscathed;
Lilies and thorns; rainbows and scratches -
it takes the storms and lull alike.
Alluring and agonizing - as waft of air.
Vulnerable, amicable, sassy and unique,
Such a heart is truly a rare find.
Before you know, crunching the gap that was vile,
the medley of images is purely magical
Those times, in essence, means all and null.

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