Thursday, February 3, 2011

Once upon the time, when we...

Traveled to place, where we had silence

In human absence, amidst flower of fragrance

Falls to wonder and monkeys to plunder

Walks to remember, a time to savor

Each have different yarn to spin

From a journey all but the same one

One had fun, smile on face reside - For he had his beloved family beside

One had fun and reveled in nature's plush - Sadly unaware of what’s naughty crush (s)

One had fun, with memory in rewind - Not saddened by the task left behind

One had fun and influenced stories forgotten - Allotted time to phone and talk to no one

One had fun and was a complete riot - Danced or tramped as deemed fit

One had fun and arranged to the need - Went, saw and was shown that was agreed

One had fun and played pretend - Of dance, smoke and groom to fend

One had fun and was asked a small adjust - Left to wonder if the prank was all just

One had fun with high and mighty air - Proverbs and phrases too much to bear

One had fun and tended to game - True to hold the fame and name to claim

One had fun in dances and tease - Always had lines and steps to please

One had fun and was sweet and mellow - With tons of jokes and gossip below

One had fun and said a thing that so goes - But what was meant not one knows

All traveled with no worry.

Their smiles were their testimony.

The goods, the ups and even the ugly

Every experience is worth in life's journey.

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