Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where have all the rum gone?

Where did it go so awfully wrong?

Can one mistake be the undoing of your whole life?

A decision taken without research, due care, knowing the good intentions could go sour, an apparent error in judgement, can it be the the trough from which you fear you wouldn't get up?

When you have wilfully opened your doors to the slow, careless and yet most times reckless and hurtful wind, and once inside when that wind turns to an egotistical arrogant howling storm, what would it take to push it out the door? Would it be even possible to shut the door entirely?

At a point when you can all but look back in time and not step back; At a point when you have to but move forward, cause time don't allow to stand still; At a point when you raise a thorny paw to take the next step hoping it would be into an abyss of sweet release and instead you trudge into a path which could lead to nothing but a bloody footprint after another, where do you draw strength to fight back and healand to say no?

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