Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ramayanam in short...

Today, during a boring dishwashing time, I Transend-ed on this song 'Seetha Rama Saritham' from the movie 'Sri Rama Raajyam'. I was simply blown away by the simplicity of the lyrics, the variety of the tone/genre within the song, the lilting sadness in the voice and the poignant theme of the whole song.... its a heady mix. Of course music being Illaiyaraja the quality of the song is a given. But Piraisudan is the lyricist and I've not heard much of him before, or have heard of him without knowing it was him. The easiness of the Tamil words and the rhyme, including the fact it should more or less be in sync with Telugu lip-movements (given that the song was pictured on Telugu) shows greatness. Also I was very much convinced, kind of took for granted, that the song should have been sung by Chitra. But surprise was it was by Swetha Mohan. Its all one and the same.

(Aranya Kanda)
அ சோக தீவில் நின்றாளே வைதேகி..,
அந்த சீதை இல்லா சோகத்திலே தாசாரதி..,
சீதா... சீதா...
சீதா... சீதா... என சீதைக்கே அது கேட்கும்படி
வானம் இடிந்து விழுந்ததுபோல்
அவள் இன்றியே சீதாபதி...
(Kishkindha Kanda)
கமல விழிகள் பொங்கி முழுகும்
பாவம் கண்ணீரிலே..
காணமுடியா கதிரவன் கடலினுள் மூழ்குதே!
(Yuddha Kanda)
ராமன் உயிர் ராணிக்கா?
ஜானகி பொன்மேனிக்கா?
சூரியகுல வாழ்வுக்கா?
பூலோக வார்த்தைக்கா?
எதற்கு இந்த பரீட்சை?
யாருக்கிந்த பரீட்சை?

ஸ்ரீ ராமா!!

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