Wednesday, June 29, 2005

He Who Comes From Hell Is Not Afraid Of Ashes

The much awaited and hyped about movie of the Tamil film industry – ‘Anniyan’ was released on the 17th of June. It has been in production for a year and a half and the date of release has been eluding us for the past few months. But the movie has proved worth the wait. The sheer directorial brilliance of Shankar and the sincerity and dedication that Vikram has put in this movie is truly amazing. Each scene is poetry in bright hues.

Alike Indian, Gentleman – previous installments of Shankar- the theme in this is also about a person trying to weed the society of people who does not follow the rules , but this time it is without any sort of vulgarity, (which was wee bit high in Boys than his previous movies.)This movie is not so much unquie in the concept from the director's line work, but it is different in the sense that it is the alter of a person who strictly abides by the rules and who does the cleansing work - an instance of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Shankar has time and again proven he is a commercial, mass director who is capable of taking up a thin story line and drawing out of it a larger than life character, who will linger in your heart for some time to come. ‘Anniyan’ is one such extravaganza which carries a message in a grand fashion, so very typical of the director.

The story is simple. It is about Ramanugam Ayyangar a.k.a Ambi, who is a disciplinarian and who also expects the people around him to follow the rules. He is unable to come in terms with the society where everything is corrupt and where no body has the least respect for fellow beings. Bursts out of him an alter who takes unto him the responsibility of freeing the society of those who waver from the norms. In another track, a funny one, Ambi is in love with his neighbor Nandini, who is clearly annoyed by his one-should-not-break-rule stand. He is nonchalantly turned down by her. Comes out another alter Remo- the ramp walk model who is the exactly the type of person for whom Nandini will fall for.

Ambi is soft-spoken and is of the type who cries his heart out for those who suffer at the hands of this society. ‘Anniyan’ is ruthless, arrogant and religiously follows the Garudapuranam – a book which vividly describes the punishments met out to people after death based on the sins they have committed during their life time. Remo is cool, chill and a cho-chweet kind of a guy. Actor Vikram brings out these three different personalities as three different individual persons. He has lived as these characters. Kudos to him! Sure deserves an award.

The one of the many strong pillars of this movie is undoubtedly the dialogue, by veteran writer Sujatha. The writer has sword for a pen. The part where ‘Anniyan’ lectures about why India, rich in resource and culture, but is still a developing country, while some other countries like Japan, Singapore has made tremendous growth in just 25 years. ‘Anniyan’ at a point says, “as we all know that murder, robbery, rape are strictly punishable by law, we defer from doing that. But these minor issues like respect for fellow being, responsible for one’s own work go unnoticed by law and people also escape using the loops in the system” are all sharp and means well.

As the dialogues are simple and as the story deals with the issues that we may face in day to day life, it sure does strike a chord at one point or the other and would appeal to all class of audience.

The song sequences – be it in the foreign locales or sets in studios are extra ordinary. Music is quite refreshing. Though a slightly more effort in choreography, would have exuded magic. Other support stars have also done a great job. PrakashRaj is his brilliant self, Vivek is exuberant and Sadha is a ravishing in all those beautiful outfits. Special mention about the camera crew for that stunt in the hall which portrays undying energy and keeps you gripped. It is a standing example for the fact that Indian movie especially Tamil cinema is moving in the creative and competitive direction. The Time-slice technology though new to Tamil cinema (replica of Matrix stunts) is a definite thing to watch out for in the movie.

Though there are few unanswered loops mainly like for instance the need for the web-site to track the evil-doers when it is shown that the alter surfaces only when Ambi is in one way or the other personally affected/involved or is directly witnessing a crime, they don’t affect the plot very much.

All in all the movie starts like a trickling rivulet and as it goes gathers force and gushes like an angry stream and when it culminates leaves an un-quenching thirst for more. A wholesome entertainer - gives you a satisfaction of watching a good movie after a long time.

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