Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Coffee Confusion...

There have been times when I have cribbed at lengths about the amount of work I’m expected to complete in a day. But now when there is no work, that requires immediate attention, I’m lying down my sword and accepting that work is good, and work pressure is bliss. Philosophically, if there is no work, create work. So here comes another blog.

Ever since I joined this profession I’m fighting against a dangerous enemy who shows his ugly fangs at the post lunch hours. As there was no assignments assigned to me for the day, and after the prompt mail checking, gossip updates, enquiring about the days plan with my senior – a ritual I had learnt (the hard way) from my previous project and which I follow religiously – I felt my sweet enemy trying to power me in the morning itself. So I and Rhea – who knows about this enemy, decided that we shall break the monotone and get some coffee. On the way we caught up on the project-happenings and the updates about yesterdays treat (which in itself qualifies for a blog, will give it soon).

As I was bored these days with the milk I get from the vending machines, I opted for Cappacino and she, for Expresso. We waited for the lift all engrossed about the talk we just had. And when the lift arrived few more people got in with us. I usually prefer the stairs to lifts for four reasons. Firstly I have this, I don’t know, stupid u may call, feeling that I need some exercise in the day. And secondly I hate the feeling when the lift comes to a halt, when it feels like suddenly all the blood in the head is rushing down. Or is it going up? I don’t know. But I don’t quite enjoy it. And thirdly I strongly doubt if I’m Claustrophobic!! And it’s just the second floor.

Today I was experiencing the feeling of blood rushing (up or down? Does it really matter??) with eyes closed and hands holding a coffee mug, when the lift door opened and in a urge to escape this closed cube I made a move forward only to bump onto Rhea (who had not budged to step out assuming we were one floor below our floor) and spill the steaming hot coffee on to me and some on to the floor. Coming back to full senses I realize people out there were staring with an odd look. ‘Ok, that’s a genuine mistake!’ I braced myself. We were the only two people in the cube now and then came in a guy and lady. As I was standing near the button panel I pressed the button to the 2nd floor and was waiting for the lift, but as per luck will have it, the lift door just refused to close. I decided to try one final time, and pressed once more the round button marked 2. Then I heard the newly entered lady saying something. Only then I noticed that the guy beside her was mischievously grinning. I heard the lady say, again, “This IS the 2nd floor. Where more do you want to go?”, loud and clear.

It’s so embarrassing. You probably have no idea!!

P.S: As an after thought, only such trivialities make life funny and sometimes easy to bear – The optimistic me!!!

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