Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Waking up in the morning - when u are having the warm covers around you and when your dreams are still lingering in yours eyes and when the world is decorated in dull shades of orange and when the load of that day’s chores hits you - is something which most of us think is the biggest punishment. Well, she is one of such kind too. Her days generally starts when her mom’s voice come floating in the air. That only awakens her senses and will she realize the magical smell of coffee and flowers around her. Had not for her mothers call, she would be in bed the whole day and miss the full beauty of nature - another day.
She starts her day at the mercy of her mother.

Traveling is something which she does not generally prefer to engage herself in. But given that she is a working woman and needs to be her office at the sharp strike of the clock she has no other option but to use company’s bus service. Every day during that battle with her mom for gaining that extra five minutes to stay in bed – which will be turned down by her mom anyways – her only motivation to step out of the bed will be the thought of bus ride where she can catch up on that heavenly minutes lost. But if the bus driver plays around with brakes and horns or if her co passengers discuss about issues that are of no importance to anybody living and in the vigor of that interesting conversation keep pulling her seats back hold, the heavenly minutes will turn out to be a pain.
She commutes at the mercy of her co-passengers

She is a Software Engineer by profession. Her working culture is pretty cool. But to work in peace she would not want any sort of disturbances from her neighbors. Of course! If the person next to her plays loud music, or talks perennially on mobile, pass abusive comments about some body in the organization or burps loudly, or is reluctant to help she gets distracted.
She works productively at the mercy of her colleagues

Weekends are the only time she gets to catch up on her rest factor. At home people understand her need to rest and don’t generally disturb her afternoon naps. But if the neighbor decides to nail their family photograph on the wall, or if he decides to rearrange their furniture or decide to watch his favorite movie or cricket in the television, she could not sleep properly and that disturbed sleep ends up in headache.
She sleeps peacefully at the mercy of the neighbors.

Riding her bike is one of her passion. The only time she gets to drive that is in the morning. Such early morning drives in the roads are not only relaxing it is also a good exercise. To have a safe drive and to reach the destination safely, it is not enough if one knows the road rules and drive accordingly. The person should be in synch with the other drivers also. The morning commuters are used to not having traffic at that hour and so would not mind any road rules. So if some one crossed the road at the wrong place or without any signal or any such mis- happening tend to irritate her and spoils her mood.
She enjoys her drive at the mercy of other drivers.

These are few instances of her life.
Funny though, she claims she leads an ‘independent’ life.

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