Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Celebration of Life

Have wondered,
Why is there sadness when the world wants happiness?
Why is there fighting when peace is holy?
Why is there evilness when all was intended to be good?
Why is there failure when what we need is success?

I sowed a seed;
It gave fruits in need.
In rain it danced,
High and wide it fanned.
In twinkle light it glowed,
Beautiful branches in air flowed.
Soon fate played a part-and made us part
My toil was brought down with axes huge,
Now where will I take refuge?
Even the heavens cried
But I could only sigh!
Next day dawned bright
Amidst the ruins was a new life.

I realized,
Every storm causes a blow,
-to inform a new start comes a rainbow.
-For every night there is a day,
-to lighten up the darkness, comes a ray.
Life involves love and hatred,
Acceptance and rejection - one comes
To educate us about another

I need to-
In all that divide-
Celebrate the gift- life!

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