Wednesday, May 18, 2005


It’s been very long since I blogged.
Whenever I think about writing a blog the fist line that comes to my mind is this.
Today there is no specific reason for me writing this, yes, except the fact that I’m feeling very sleepy and have loads of uninteresting stuff to code. With a cup of warm tea in front of me and no apparent idea in mind, I’m just typing this.
What shall I say? About which I actually want to write. No clue! No spark of idea. No flash of lightening. No! Today is just not a blog day. I couldn’t bring myself to think of any damn thing to write about.
Ok fine, let me stop, right here, my attempt to bring out something sensible (?!?) and get back to work. Also, my tea mug is empty.
When I started this blog all I had was my nap-time drowsiness to dampen my coding-prowess. Now, adding to that I have a bad feeling of giving a stupid blog.

Yours truly,

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