Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm Confused~

What can I say about -
The way I’m feeling…
Fear of failure…
Afraid of losing face….
Coming down in heaps…
Or, just insecurity

I know the going is not bad…
Not that it’s all I’ve had
My heart and mind are
Across regions
Beyond reasoning…
Far from sanity..

A question -
Do you from me
Expect to excel in all
Things ventured…
Win over hurdles in all
Problems faced….
Then there’s news…
I mite have failed

May not be the smartest of lot
Also, not the worst shot…
I try to exemplify,
For huge success I try.
Can conquer- I hope.
With hard-work I cope!

Sometimes I fail,
To understand-
Some where- More hard-work,
And -many sacrifice are made
To attain the place,
Where my heart desires!

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