Friday, May 26, 2006

Black Rose!

Knowing it, is ripping the heart out..
Tears, not dissolving the memories..
Pretentiously trying to exude happiness,
but the truth stalking every minute-like
a thorn.
An open cut!

Maybe destiny is not a hoax..
Blaming that to ease the pain..
Soothingly affirming to the soul,
there is still more to life- like
in a rose.
Just a scar!

In the heart and mind,
emotions are like seasonal change.
At the start, new and pleasant. Enjoy!
Some days cloudy and gray. Doubt!
Rain and light. Revel!
Then calm! Move away!
Thunderstorm. Deny!
Now the thoughts -
Slush! Murky!
All in the same heart and mind.

Only deafening silence reigns.
But, inside - roaring voices,
flashing memories! Conflicts -
between own dimensions.

Making desperate attempt, to
loosen the wrought iron grip..
Break free of the shackles -
tying the hands opening the gift..
Evade the conventional bonds..
Eluding the feeling of guilt..
Run from the pressing thoughts..
Float around - and
move far far away from the crowd.

But wherever I go,
even in the darkness of the dark..
I will be there.

1 comment:

@R said...

I ve read Human mind has about 60K thoughts a day. How true. But hardly 5% of these thoughts are relevent and positive.
Vaarthai jaalam panrapa nee. Eppidi yosikira, enga irunthu varuthu words, ennavo po...