Monday, June 12, 2006

Naked truths!

Unto him I took!
Not a mere existence,
lived to full!
The ship- a dear pal,
turned to all whim,
reacted to every desire.

Agnized a liking!
Violent strom?

Sail drags to the unknown.
I'm torn!
The mast is him.

The pole snaps.
I'm pushed
into the quick sand.

The slushy depths,
green waters -
Upsetting dream
I surface enough,
to look around.

I reach out -
to hold the ship.
The current, or
my tears?
Washes it ashore.
Close my eyes.

Take a deep breathe.
Fighting the void,
trembling slightly,
against the pressing vaccum,
open them -
the prisoners escape
as the path's wide open.

Sudden flash of light,
I shelter in shame.
But want to look.
I can hear -
Showering words
pleading, demanding
- to fret and then to forget.
All egg me on,
to keep going.

So does the mast!
The lament still echo loudly
In the ears that listens

I want to hurt,
I want to help!

Its cold and freezing.

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