Saturday, September 2, 2006

Divine manifestation...

She was all prepared for that special meeting, an encounter which she had been long awaiting. He was all special to her and she looked up to him perpetually, in times of happiness or even otherwise. He appeared specifically handsome that night and looked adorable in grey outfit that had a strange, mild hint of orange. He seemed all set for the encounter too, occasionally flashing a radiant smile across the distance between them. Whenever she gave him that charming look, he made a nervous shift but never failed to make a slight, twinkling wink. Maybe, the thrill that her private dreams about that encounter were slowly coming true, she looked her attractive best, not to mention the captivating fragrance about her. She came through as extremely serene and seductive at the same time.

He, reveling in the display of importance, teased her by pretending to take little interest in her and remained almost calm for a long time. With little or no response from him, she felt that she was not going to get her whims full filled that night. So she decided to do her bit in trying to ensnare him and thought that some innocuous flirting would definitely ignite jealousy and make him react. Meanwhile, there was this other one, who was apparently taken by her exquisiteness and was trying to enchant her. She too, mischievously, pretended to enjoy the attention. He took the advantage of her interest, and made his moves quickly. Playfully ruffling her, gently caressing her features, he tried to sweep her off, in strong and hungry embraces. She also gave in, to a very little extent, even though she was longing for a different kind of an embrace, that which would arouse her to full senses and provide her total gratification, that which would be the long awaited revelation and the mere memory of which would excite her. And she precisely knew who can do that to her.

So deep was her pining, for that special touch and endearment that she totally lost interest in the flirting she had been indulged in. He was true in his intent, but she started to feel suffocated in the imperativeness and the control he was gaining on her. She broke off abruptly, feeling hurt and daunted. Little did he know that she flirted with him assuming it to be a means of making her playing-hard-to-get lover take notice! Neither was he aware, that she, though in his grip, was all the while having her looks riveted at her special one and that she took up his bait, just to mock and lure back her dear.When she broke free of him, it drove the point to him and he recognized the pretence of her responses and her lack of actual involvement, but accepted with deepest remorse his failure, and braced himself, thinking it was worth a shot. Among so many other stuffs he also sent down a particularly lovely and a pleasantly scented flower, as a casual remember-me-by. That flower traced a gentle and slow path towards her. Its movement was almost sensual and equally or more importantly enticing to the one whom she had tried to coax; the one for whose touch she had long since nurtured a yearning.

With a glance, that spoke of some true want and the need to belong, she glanced at him and sensed that her beloved was looking down upon her in a demurely manner, which she knew meant that she was finally getting what she desired. He was sure disturbed when he saw her in another’s embrace, but at the moment he clearly realized what she meant to him and how much he wanted her. The moment he saw her break free from the another’s grip, he was ecstatic, and let out a loud whistle in exuberance. He knew he could not resist his attraction towards her any longer, so, he bent down and kissed her ever so slightly. She was beyond herself at his kiss, but her avidity kept her cautious, lest she turn him off. But he was gentle and she could sense his urgency in possessing her wholly. She gave in, obviously succumbing to her own needs and what ensued were great moments of intimacy and belongingness. He was generous and she was totally accommodating, both rejoicing the togetherness, for their ardor for each other was so remarkable and to some extent insatiable, passionate and indulgent.

Even after a long time, the trees are swaying as if in eulogy to this holy union of heaven and earth, with the winds providing a melancholic interlude.

Mannile mannile vandhu udaiyudhu vaanam
Mazhaiyile karaiyudhe rendu managalin dhooram
Kaadhil ketkum idi oosai, kaadhal nenjathin paribhaashai
Mazhaiyai pola uravaada manadhil enna peraasai
Neeril ezhudhum kaadhal azhiyum, mazhai neere ezhudhidum kaadhal azhiyaadhe..

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