Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Is this love? I think so..

Phoebe: Breaking up sucks! I know I did the right thing. I know I should not be in a relationship that has no future. But aaahh!! I really miss Mike. God!! I tried everything to make myself feel better. I even tried writing a song about it. But, I can’t think of anything that rhymes with aaaaAAAAArrRRRRRRRgggggggGGGHHHH ...

Mike: I missed you so much. No. I’m not going to ask you to get back together, because, I know we want different things. But, can I just to be with you one more time? I mean if I had known that the last time I saw you would be the last time, I wouldn’t have stopped to memorize your face, the way you moved, everything about you. If I had known the last time I kissed you would be the last time, then I never would have stopped.

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