Saturday, January 13, 2007

Keep it simple..,

Be a mystery. Though basically amorphous gradually mould into being strong and non-reactive. Reflect only what people want to see; but remind them of the truth of who they really are. Remain smooth and impervious. Be intriguing. Expose different things to different people. Be the one to who people cant escape confiding their secretive secrets and keep them safe. Be useful in more than one form. Appear spotless and hence more attractive. Be transparent; but if having a tinted side, keep it at the rear. Be fragile; but maintain individuality even if broken into shards. Never let one notice the empty insides. Concede to the heat and pressures of the situations to come out of it in flying colors. Be translucent. Be the one to who people resort to when they are happy, sad or even just for fun, knowing those will never be exposed. Be brittle; but at the same time be hard enough to cut through the strongest of things. Threaten to fire up when a thing cunningly crosses path. Be different, yet be the same. Be the glass!

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