Saturday, February 24, 2007

My 55 word story..,

I'm looking through archives of her blog. I find that I have been tagged a loooong time ago. Anyhoo., here is my take.

Color to B&W

The changes seem unmindful, yet somehow cognitive. All those instances, that characterized the scripts of earlier stages, go into safe preservation. As if bound by unseen strings, heart and mind, treat special moments and mundane acts alike. Life is like a dreamless sleep. It’s tough, but pays to understand that ups and down are inevitable.

They say, what comes around, goes around (I really dont know exactly what this means). I now tag Nandhu, Sangy, Vidhya, Rajesh, Deepak, Harini and anybody who is willing to write a story/poem on a title 'Reigning Man' containing the idea within 50 sentence/phrase. Happy writing, folks.


Harini said...

cumma chumma ennaye tag pandra di

Trinethra said...

~ Harini
coz u r the first thing on my u write soo well...