Thursday, February 8, 2007

TOW (un) importance

‘Hi dear!!’ Hus enters the house, looking tired.
‘mm’ replies Wi and goes back to her work in the kitchen, even without a formality glance.
After freshening up, Hus comes in for a mug of coffee, and finds it already on the table. He picks it up and walks to Wi and asks ‘Wassup??’
‘Nothing.’ Wi is short.
Hus, apparently not picking up the cue form Wi’s tone, playfully says, ‘How boring, is your life??’
As if Wi was waiting for such a moment, roughly says, ‘Care to make it a bit interesting??’
Hus, by now immersed in watching the highlights of the day’s match, without looking up asks, ‘What?’
Wi gives him one angry stare and turns her back to him. Only now realizing something was not quite right, Hus asks again ‘Wassup??’
‘You tell...’ asks Wi.
‘Usual day, at work! Its only Tuesday, and I am already wishing it is weekend’ explains Hus.
‘Hmmm, then how was yesterday??’ shot back Wi.
Now clearly frustrated, Hus snubs, ‘What about yesterday. It was okay. Just like any other day. Why do you ask?’
Wi boils over, ‘Why do I ask?? You want to know why I ask? First ask yourself know I am not someone who says or asks anything without any reason. Right?’
‘Yea!’ slowly answers Hus. ‘But unless you tell me what’s bothering you, how can I know, what it is about’
‘Oh! So you want me to share things with you now? You want me to share things?? How about you, setting an example for that?? How about you start sharing things with me first, and then expect me to share things with you!’ Wi explodes.
All that Hus hears is a lot of share and yet is clueless to what he might have done to get such an outburst from her. But Wi is still going on, ‘ …the minute we start to hide things from each other, then what is the point in this relationship? Okay, now you might say that you did not do it intentionally. Whatever it maybe, intentional or unintentional, petty or huge, that’s no reason not to share and discuss things between us? Isn’t it??? How could you not tell it to me? How would I have felt to hear about it from someone else, when I should be the one to have heard it first- from ‘you’! Listen, I cannot make you want to tell me things. It should come from you; on your own. Its things like these that matter the most. And its things like these that when neglected upsets me the most. And it was not like it is today’s news for you to appoint blame on me - that I did not give you enough time to say it. ’
All this while Hus is squeezing his brains to find that one thing he has had missed from telling her. And then it strikes him. ‘Are you talking about the employee-of-the-year nomination at office?' It has been communicated to him last Friday. The weekend enthu has totally driven that from his mind and he has completely forgotten about that. ‘I totally forgot about it, dear. Promise! I didn’t want to keep it from you. Moreover it is just nomination. Normal, unimportant and common! Its not like I have won or anything; and now that would definitely be worth mentioning’ Wi seems to want more of an explanation. Hus says ‘Sorry. Sorry??’ And that seems to do the trick and she is relaxing a bit
A few minutes later, ‘Today something very embarrassing happened when I was talking to my cousin sister' Hus tries to ease the mood now.
‘Hmmm?’ questions Wi.
‘You know right, how I feel about the tele-marketers?’ saying Hus looks up to see Wi nodding her head, and he continues, ‘So when we were chitchatting, Poonam got one such call and she was very patient and answered the person very politely. When she was off the phone, I told her, I generally don’t put up with such people and I kept going on and on about how its all a waste of time and such.’
‘Oh wait, don’t you know their daughter is working for one such tele-marketing concern???’ asks Wi.
‘You know???’ asks Hus in return.
‘Ya, Poonam told me about it. She had called and informed like a month ago' coolly replies Wi.
‘Ah! It’s nice news! Why didn’t you tell me??’ asks a rather confused and a bit angry Hus.
‘Well, you know…it’s…it just slipped out of mind’ Wi says with a matter-of-fact look.
(Hus waves his hand in exasperation and is ready to retort back ‘You should have told me!You had a month's time’ But he checks himself in the nick of time as he knows only too well, that the next word he utters would trigger off another argument.)
‘Sigh!!!’ sighs Hus.

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Harini said...

I can totally relate to the whole inicident :D

Life with everyone is just hte same