Monday, June 18, 2007

The rain must fall.

The setting is such; there is a dull glow of yellow light emitting from the corner of the dais on which she is seen holding a man’s hands. The music is soft flowing and they are both dancing slowly. The audience seemingly enjoying this scene are in a relaxed mood. There is a slight smile on her lips. The man is looking deeply into her soft moist eyes and they appear so much in love with each other. They are enigmatic yet a simple couple whom everyone can easily connect to. A gentle breeze riffles through their hairs, adding to the romance. In the faint light only they both are visible, as the rest of stage is hidden behind the smoke. The picture makes for perfect serenity - him, her and the people. The music stops for a split second and then continues. They are still dancing in rhythm to the mellifluous music.
The music is softly yet steadily gaining tempo and the dancers, who are holding each other in a tight embrace, start to part gradually. This causes the audience to perk up a little. A thin layer of sadness crosses her radiant face only for moment and the next instance she is her same smiling self. His face has hardened a bit, reflecting that he has made up his mind to do something. She appears to be deep in concentration. The pair is now nicely far apart and they are holding just one hand. She begins to twirl around him. The music is gathering momentum and so is she. The audience feel this is a preparation for something important and are starting to pay more attention. They closely follow her, her movements and expressions.
She is twirling and twirling and eyes of those who follow her begin to sting. The music crescendoes here and so is the pulse of the audience. Her red skirt rises up and down in sync with her movements, symbolizing the nature of emotions flooding through her. It’s evident that she wants to return to the safety, cozy and warmth of the previous second, but she also experiences an insane drive that makes her want to dwell on a certain thing that she had left behind. She appears tired and weak, but the passion is unmistakable; adrenaline is pulping and the tension grips the audience too. She is holding on to her man and is trying to reach for something on the other end. No one can see what it is and they wonder if its worth so much struggle and pain. But as she keeps on going, her dedication makes them realize it should probably mean a lot to her. Some of them want her to reach that something which she desires so much and which keeps eluding her; some just want her to be done with it, as they are not able to witness the ordeal and the agony she seems to be feeling. She is oblivious to all this.
Then slowly an arm appears from the dark, like from past and beyond. She is distracted from her twirls and she shows signs of reaching for the darkness. Only she seems to be able to look beyond the arm, but the audience are just satisfied that there is someone out there at the other end to hold her, because she is too precious to be sucked up in the dark. It’s like the moon and the earth each in harmony with themselves and then suddenly as if the moon decides to reach for another planet to orbit around. It is such an emotional moment and most of them are sort of embarrassed to see such a private emotion put out in public.
Smoke rises from the dais. She continues twirling around her man, firmly holding to his hand. It’s clearly a scene of turmoil of a woman wanting to let go but willing not to. The music is building up in an alarming rate and so does her twirl. When it feels like no one can take any more swelling of the music (her motion is making some people dizzy), it suddenly stops. It comes as such a shock to the people and they take a moment to recognize where they actually are. Like the music, she too has come to an abrupt halt. And as if trying to orient she starts to reach for the arm extending towards her from beyond.
The man has come to a halt too and is steady as a statue. They are still firmly holding a hand. She is slowly extending her left arm to reach her calling from the dark, which for whatever reason seems far away than before. To reach that she moves her feet further apart stretching herself to the maximum extent but the previous interlock seems to be holding her back. She relaxes the grip and is only in a state of feather touch with her partner. Though their contact is in the slightest of touch possible, more like there is no touching at all, his hand moves wherever her’s moved. Only love can make this possible. Now, she is in-between both men. There is absolute silence in the room. Even the dark hand has stopped moving.
She is just a thin distance away and one slight move must bring contact and she presses her finger tip against the new hand. Naturally, everyone is expecting a holding, after all the trouble she faced. Yet, suddenly she goes still. Looking intently, some see a tear drop just clinging to her eye lids. It rolls down onto the floor. The silence in the room is such that the sound of that tear drop makes an echo. Those who understand feel their eyes burn. Funny, how a drop of water can start a fire. The reverberation causes shivers in many. She keeps her eyes fixed in the darkness, where the hand is no longer visible.
All of a sudden, she seems to fumble. At the exact same moment her man takes the liberty of tugging onto the fingers, which a few short seconds ago let go of his own, and sweetly pulls her to himself. She lets him pull her and when they are in a hug she abruptly looks at him, in a new, grateful way, and smiles. And that says a million thanks. The music starts slowly again.

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Harini said...

Stunning painting. Artist called rassouli is it? Interesting

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