Friday, June 8, 2007

Reflecting on the past..,

I happen to be looking at my old play-list, and I’m wondering what was I thinking when I created it. I put it together around this time last year and I remember playing this list even in repeat mode sometimes. Back then, every time I heard them, I felt they exactly mimicked my feelings and swore words wouldn’t get any truer.

Ninaivillai enbaya? Nijamillai enbaya?
Nee ena solvai anbae?
Uyir thozhan enbaya? Vazhippokkan enbaya?
Vidai enna solvai anbae?
Saanjaadum suriyane, chandiranai azha vaiththai
Sogam yean solvaya?
Senthazam poovukkul puyal ondrai vara vaithai
Ennagum solva?

Agreed, this one is a nice song, but can’t say the same thing about this and this. A revelation, play-lists reveal state of mind.

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