Monday, November 19, 2007

Diversity in unity

(W is just getting back from work)
H: Hey, how was your day? What took you so long?
W: Day was okay. How was yours? Looks like you came home early
H: How did you know?
W: (looking around at the slightly messy room)
H: (seeing her look around) Well, yeah. (Smiles and hands over coffee)
(Later, at the dinner table)
W: How do you manage to make such mess in this short time?
H: What mess? You mean this (waving around the room)? This is not messy. It is okay!
W: (murmurs)No, its not!
H: Hmm?
W: Why don’t you keep the things back from where you took them?
H: I don’t know! I don’t need to, for I can perfectly find my things from wherever I put them (Gives her a mocking look).
W: (stares) No, its not how it is supposed to be. That attitude makes you more slovenly.
H: Pst! It’s perfectly alright. This ‘supposed to’ thing is all made up by us, rather you. We can bend that around, whenever we want.
W: That’s not the only thing.
H: (Walking with the dishes to the kitchen)What?
W: (Cleaning up)We are so different in many aspects. Don’t you see?
H: Yeah. That’s cause we are two different individuals...
W: ... who are together. Okay, let me ask you this, how far do you plan the future.
H: To ask, ‘What’s for lunch tomorrow?’ I don’t plan as far as ‘Which college would our kids go to’
W: Not only that, but we are fundamentally different. While I prefer being a home pigeon you roam around like a wild bird.
H: (walking back to the living room) Hahaha. This is fun. I got one. You relax with your music and books while I unwind with sports.
W: (following him into the room, with a little sad look) I have expressed so many time that to me words and expression matters, while you argue ‘it’s the thought that counts’. Difference!
H: (hooking up the laptop) So? Even in this discussion, see, you are getting emotional while I try to ‘bend and survive’
W: (bit confused)Well, yeah I seem to be resisting.
H: Hmm hmm! (Settles on the couch and starts playing some archived match)
W: What do you conclude?
H: (distracted) ... hmm ... that we are rooted together, branching differently?
W: I would say, we are exclusive in all our interests.
H: (without looking up)You could say that.
W: That doesn’t bother you, the way it bothers me? Well, I think you don’t care enough to feel this way.
H: (mutes match, looks up to see she is upset) Come here. Come here!
W: Hmph!
H: Lookey here, now, if I act, react in the same way as you do, who will be there to console you? (little seriously)If you too are like me, who will be there to pull me back when I go overboard with some of my choices?
W: Hmm!
H: These slight differences are those that make our lives easier. They give us enough spaces to grow... new choices to indulge in. These variations are what attract us toward each other.
W: Hmm! Blah... blah... blah (evidently satisfied)
H: (winking) Else, who will love u the way I do…for all your eccentricities
W: Overkill! (hugging)
H: (smiling) Okay... go... its time for your CSI.
W: (teasingly) Why, your match resumes after break?
H: Yea... that too!
W: HMPRHHH (walks away smiling)

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