Friday, January 11, 2008

An unpublished poem

During Writer's(!) block does this count as a post?

If I had an empty head
As some folks say I do
I'd clean out all the cobwebs
And rent it out to you
I’ll have you fill it up
With all things you say and do
And would pay twice the price
To rent it back from you.

(Said Jhonny Hart)

Found it as a cartoon pasted on my office refridge. You know, this one's kinda funny, innocent and makes sense too(yeah, why not?). I don't know why, I have taken a fancy to it. Reading it in a sing-song way adds more fun.

BTW, HART means 'having extreme affection towards someone, causing one to perform the act of a hug' or so it seems.

And here is a song I enjoyed today. Thanks for stopping by.

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