Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Amongst varied people - a man who looks down on you just because you don't speak the "national language"; another who complains to you that no one interacts and sits alone without interacting, especially with you; a person who ignores to take your inputs for the reason that you are younger and not male; a someone who talks to you only because you are well-known; an incorrigible who spreads that, the leadership and others value you and call you in on meetings because they are men and you are the only woman; some other who looks for small opportunities to put you down, to jump on the least of the mistakes to make fun of you; a damper to the fun, when a person, almost a stranger, says that you spend time smiling, laughing and basically having a good time, when you ought to remember you are married; a group of two who put you as a Vertex in their politics and games; a few to whom you are a nobody; one who sponges off of you only so long as to get what they want and act as if you are not a familiar face - occasionally, it is good to hear “Thank you!” and “I appreciate the work you are doing” in an otherwise bleak work day

It’s, always, good to be home.

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