Friday, March 21, 2008


If I can just lie there and listen to you breathe in sleep and feel comforted then I will never be lost.

If I can just read your eyes and understand the words and their meaning, then there will be no more silent moments.

If I can just hold you tight in my arms and still feel not-close-enough, then that’s where my home is.

If I can accept your kisses as gifts, then I will never be poor.

If I can love you the way you love me, then I’m truly blessed.

If I can let you fall asleep on my shoulders, then my payers may never go unanswered.

If I can just connect with you through thoughts, then no distance is a big one.

If I can just talk the language of love, which only you can feel and reciprocate, then I'll have everything I will ever want .

If I can find, in your love, the sunshine to expel my winter mist, then I will really believe in love.

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