Thursday, December 31, 2009

What happened?

There are these days when you can’t just get enough of them. Another type is of those ones where you can’t wait enough to get it over with. Well, today is mixed. Good, bad, or medium? I’m not sure what! I would love to settle for an average kind of day.

A day ofreminiscence. A day filled with myriad emotions. A day when the images of the past year zoomed in mind. A day where failures seemingly blared and the achievements gave a sense of ‘miles to go’. This year, a relative died, a baby came along, I found a job, I quit a job, won hearts, hurt a few, loved some, missed dear ones, cried, laughed so hard that it hurt, thought a lot, got confused, was uncharacteristically steady during a particularly life-altering accident, learnt to smile when words hurt, questioned the purpose of certain bonds, became aggressively passive, staunchly refused to acknowledge weakness, realized not to ‘judge a book by its covers’ and that grimy windows do belong to a happy house , learnt strength is not of body but of mind, found out that many have unforgettable past history, became able to tell that world has more to offer us than otherwise if only we know what lessons we are looking for, belief in God grew more, can admit that I embrace certain superstition .... And so it can go on

Whatever be the mood, however be the day, one thing I’m certain is I’m not going to get this day back..I may not have emerged all that triumphant and glorious, but definitely this year helped me get wiser. And that’s a burden for the coming year. Need to ‘remember’ all that, needn’t I??

To say the clichéd I’m glad for my success for they made my stay worthwhile; , I’m thankful for my sorrows, for they humbled me; I’m happy for the experience for they gave a meaning to my existence ; I’m eager for the new year for it gives a promise of more experiences.

Happy new year unto all~

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Harini said...

It was a beautiful post dear.
loved it.