Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love chocolates.

As much as this has been confessed, ad nauseam, I don’t think anyone is going to tire saying so.

These three words may come only second to ‘I love you’ in its vast usage.

I really do love chocolates...the bitter(darker) the better. The aroma...the taste...the feeling...Ah! Sweetness.

When I mention chocolate, I don’t mean the hard, toffee kind. Imagine Dairy Milk bars, Toblerone and ... you get the idea! But what really bugs me is the adulterations that accompany the chocolates these days in the name of flavor and variety. What’s wrong with the chocolate bars with just cocoa in it? Peppermint is an exception! Apart from that who the hell wants raisins, caramel, wafers, nuts and all such dirt with it? Chocolate is perfection in itself, isn’t it?

There is again the never ending debate on how best to consume chocolates. Though it’s polite to take bite-size pieces and indulge in the awesomeness without compromising your decency and saving your hands, mouth, teeth and lips, I feel that that is no way to savor chocolates. Occasionally I feel we need to give in to the craving and enjoy like 2 year olds –messy hands, chocolaty lips and chins and a wide grin.

And then there is the best way to do it. Hold the chocolate in between your warm hands. Wait for it to thaw. When it is ready, shred all the million wrappings around it except for the inner most golden/ silver foil. Now the consistency is very important; too frozen or too fluid-y won’t do the work. It needs to be just right. Wrap all of the foil and chocolate in your index finger and press hard to prick a small opening on the upside of the foil. Knead the almost drippy bar between your thumb and third finger for it to raise and ooze out of the foil fissure. And suck. The slow rush of warm, molten chocolate in the mouth is nothing beyond heaven. Molten. Chocolate. All consuming!

There really isn’t any better way to enjoy the pleasure. Is there? Is there?

"Kiss me ... close your eyes ... miss me ... Happy-ness in your eyes ... Kiss me..."

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