Monday, January 9, 2012

Hits and misses...

I had nothing to write about. So I decided at the least I will try and revamp the look of the blog.

I visited many awesome websites and diligently went through huge lists of beautiful templates available for free download. I shortlisted a few designs that I liked the most. In the process of finalizing I realized that all of them were almost predictably the themes I would have chosen. Suddenly it hit me that I can change that. I have the choice today for doing that.

So today I have chosen a design that is more colorful, more fun than classy, more whimsical than dull and plain. But not too crazy. That's for another time children , that's for another boring day.

Anyhoo.. how do you like it?

If you do then that's a hit. A lone one. Now coming to the many misses...

- While fiddling with the widgets I inadvertently deleted my blog description. And the second blow is I don't have a backup and I don't fully remember it. If anyone have it or know it please to share.
- Need to edit my blogroll linklist
- I wanted to expand the width of the whole wrapper to fit the whole screen but with the same percentage for the main and the sidebar. I trialed and error-ed for a long time and gave up. Quick help any?
- I scrapped off the 'Linkwithin' widget. Now when I try to install it back the site complains that it has already helped me once and is adamantly not willing to do so again. Heh!

I leave you today with an all important announcement. Pensieve is soon going to introduce a new sister. Keep noticing the sidebar for more information.

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