Friday, January 6, 2012

A week like any other. have you been? Did you have a nice New year's?

Oh!I did. Thanks!

I welcomed the new year couched in the sofa while chatting and giggling with five of the most important people in my life, very very late into the night, which led to the once in a lifetime occurance of the 'dawn' of January-the-first-of-2012 to come a l'il late, around 9'o clock. (Note: The convoluted long-winding sentence rhymes in part. Dudn't it?. Yea? You are awesome. No? No... you have to read it right. Did you read it right?)

[Aside 1: There used to be a time when the New year came at an appropriate 6'0 clock on the first morning of the year, having slept at a regular 'like any other day' hour on the Eve. I can all but fondly hold on to the fading memory of - Suprabhatam on Air India mornings, with appa chill hands on the cheeks as a wake-up call, with filter coffee aroma filling the whole house, with amma's c'mon-get-ups! interlaced in her slogams, interludes of cookings and clangings, paati's 'what you do today you will do the whole year long' logic, wrestling with the brother for the extra blanket, muttering five-more-minutes which fooled no one.]

The first week of the new year too was as uneventful as that dawn. Although, I have few pithy (or not) things to record for my quintessential (ahem!) 'end of year discourse'. Visited and wished Sathyanarayana on the 1st, and, with like any other friend of mine, we parted with me saying/ hoping 'Please to remember me'. The next day I visited and enjoyed Sherlock Holmes. Weirdly I found Robert Downey Jr awesome and in some places handsome-r (Or was I more attuned to attractiveness because of the Law of attraction of Jude? Note to self: Don't attempt such 'wit and wordplay'. Ever). Got myself a new set of fragrance 'gift-set'. To spice up the sweetness and to wield variety, I now own Obsession, Escape, Eternity and something else. I forgot.

And then it got all chilly and windy outside and the holidays were over.... and so was the sunshine. What followed was the usual Relapse and Recovery and ... you know, ...the works.

But like Dumbledore says, 'That will do for now'.

One thing I found to work --- "No more expectation... no more sighs". Will it work for another week? That's something we have to wait and see.

So, until something interesting happen, or, until another week eventually winds down....Ciao!

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