Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keeping the good ones

I started the last new year watching 'Eclipse'.

Other than serving the purpose of providing an insignificant opening statement to this post that line is completely irrelevant.

The whole past year,true to every new year, was usual, with all the hopes and dreams and surprises and disappointments and the eventual winding down.

But the year will stay in the memory depending on what we take away from it, depending on what we stow away as the year of 2011. Isn't it?

The 'neglected resolutions' will be forgotten but will be remodel-ed as the "new" years to-do. The 'pain of long distance' can be remembered for all the realizations that it made possible. The 'guilt of unconventional leaning for support' will be surely in memory as the 'depth of friendship and extent of trust'. The 'home-sick separation' makes the list for it assisted in deriving the courage for more responsibilities. The 'charade of crying-yelling-crying-guilt-doubts' though mildly irritating at present will become alright when in some future time I think 'Yes. I did it right and early'. The 'failures and set-backs' will be forgotten when the set-backs are set right later. The 'constant struggle to love, to lose, to fight, to forgive, to tone-down, to understand, to relate, to get what you want, to bear, to shape and bend, to get all that from the other' and all the added etceteros will be all fine when some day in old age you still have the hand to hold and walk and talk. The 'harsh words spoken in disappointment and anger' will be forgiven when eyes are lowered in answer to righteous greetings in a successful future. The 'certain nontransferable burdens that makes you want to run away' will seem a lot of lighter in the years to come for its always lovely to be depended upon implicitly, unconditionally. The 'first sighting of the first gray hair'... well.... there is no good spin to that. Some times somethings are just that.

There are only certain ways to deal with the life. According to me, one is to resist it and continue resisting. Two is to resist it but eventually wear down get used to what you actually resisted and become it. The third is to accept what it is and adapt.
No one can do just one of the above their whole life. Every common man will face situations in life when he has/had to judge and choose an appropriate approach.

But whatever life throws at you and however you deal with it, the proverbial 'lesson' from all that will, summarily, be somewhat a soft-blow, less painful,more happy, ecstatic memories of all the mixed emotions we went through for the whole 365 days.

We all wish that all the "happy" wishes we receive for the first few days of the new year will come true and we will be all "prosperous, healthy and hearty". Well that's the hope. But like sugar and spice, light and day, there will be some bitterness to the happiness too. So if things are not all good and gooey, where ever possible we all , at some level, try to give a nice and bearable title and contents. And that prepares us for the new years to come.

So here's to keeping the good ones.

Happy new year 2012.

Row, row, row your boat gently down stream...Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily..(for) life is but a dream.

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