Tuesday, October 9, 2012

சொல்லின் மௌனம்

சேர்ந்த காதல்
மணமாகி முடிகிறது.
சேராக் காதல்
கடவுச்சொல் ஆகிறது.
பிள்ளையின் பெயராக வாழ்கிறது.

In the background: This.

And one of my favorite Tamizh blogger - Sirumazhai - very beautifully says about this "Lump in throat" as
Bumping into your Long Lost Love could be the most painful thing ever and this BGM always pushes that exact pain down through your throat. As you watch this scene, Surya appears, walks in, Subbulakshmi turns at him, she walks down and he climbs up the stairs – and all this while Raja should have been counting the bars, 1,2,3,4.. and picks up naan unai neenga maattEn neenginaal thoonga maattEn sErndhadhE nam jeevanE puts it on a violin and that fits like a glove. Every musician should be a mathematician, I guess. And Raja is a great one at that. (Side note – Subbulakshmi casually and unknowingly underscores the blood relationship between Surya and Collector when she says, ‘eppadinnu therila, aana guNaththula niRaiya ungaLa mAdhiriyE irukkar’. And from there to, ‘Paththu thala raavaNan’. Sigh)

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