Wednesday, October 10, 2012

En garde! Friend!

Sometimes rekindling a friendship takes a small "Hi". So simple yet it puts a happy curve to your day!

Today, it was indeed a wonderful surprise when someone I knew few years back pinged me on messenger to say 'Hi'. The chat went on for a few minutes and was only a polite catch-up on how things were in each other's life. Nothing more. But somehow at the end felt very happy that even after I closed the chat-window I had a smile on my face.

கேட்டு ரசித்த பாடல் ஒன்றை மீண்டும் இன்று ஞாபகம் தூண்ட ....

But....// ah but there has to be a here goes.

....sometimes when you talk to/meet friends with whom you haven't had any contact for/in many months you feel like you really don't know the person. Since you shared a common past, they don't seem like they are complete strangers, but somehow they don't seem that close too. There is always a hesitation on what to say 'cause you doubt how it may get perceived. You realize that you didn't have the veil or thin boundary when you knew each other well. Now u are treading on softly. You rationalize that you both had most definitely grown apart and at least in most case have grown up and have seen life a bit. So you really don't know who they are except for your reminiscent and illusionary memories of the days together. Although you may feel the same warmth or anger or whatever you held for them before, you are not sure anymore, because you are not sure of whom you are holding it on for anymore.You doubt yourself and them. Ultimately you end up with, 'Do we really feel the same way about each other as before or are we holding on to the idea of who the friend really was?'.

You may seem a bit confused, well maybe, but I got you pegged as someone who has gone thru (or just has) more or less the same question, if you have read this so far.

Here's to old friends.


You wanna toast too?

எண்ணமே சுமைகளாய் இதயமே பாரமாய்
எண்ணமே சுமைகளாய் இதயமே பாரமாய்
அந்த நாள் ஞாபகம் நெஞ்சிலே வந்ததே

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