Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Caught in a web I so lovingly created...

I believe there is a fundamental thing in every one's life that they diligently work to achieve.

WISDOM is considered, and widely accepted, to be the greatest principle in the world. "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding", says the Bible. But in day-to-day life we see there are more classified, broken down bits, of that ultimate wisdom, that people try to acquire....like happiness, wealth, health, peace etc. 

Those with higher degrees of awareness know what that special thing is, that they are going towards. And there are those who without so much realization as to why they are gravitating onto certain aspects of life, go about doing the same thing. All things we do, is in part or in whole, a process with which we believe to reach that essential gratification. Although, once that is gained there is not saying that some other wish might be in the path for the eternal nirvana ... but moving on....

And then there is this timeline. I will do this by the time I finish my college...I will be there by the time I have kids.... I will have a relationship by the time I turn 30 .. I 'd love to have done all that and this before I die and some such.
So its safe to assume that all that we do every single day is... we are all working towards gaining one thing or the other, or so it would seem. Otherwise the Sun rising would be pointless. Anyways.... so we choose a path and walk in it.

AND what if there comes a point, where, one's certain that the path they had chosen to traverse in is not 'working out'? Normally we try to tweak it a little bit and try to trudge on. Or some of us weaklings adjust the goal to a more achievable one, that we are most certain to get to, one that we convince ourselves is the best we possibly could. The proverbial, 'Try for the moon... You could land in the star' or something to that effect. 

Does that mean we are failures?Is contentment of what we are and who we are enough? Or it a lazy-ass excuse for skipping on personal improvement? Is switching  to a new obsession a better use of time?  What if it was tied to someone else? Does acting impervious means that we don't really care or affect? Would it complicate matters if there is someone else who would decide the success of the whole thing?

Or is the answer to all these silliness is the ultimate WISDOM they were talking about?

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