Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Changing ways


What lovely words are these, by a great man who never lived enuf to c how his words fit so neatly to his future world. What he had in mind when he spelt these immortal words, I know not, but given the situation in our present world…kind of makes me wonder …’did he mean us “ generation x/y/z”’ ??

Coming here at the crack of dawn, mind u, me being a late-riser and leaving this abode at the end of day ..wait a min….tis not the usual night….lets rather have it as the end of work …dunno even this sounds ambiguous… anyways, the point is where am I heading to??? Confined to a 6*6 cubicle…wid a PC for company (hey cmon don’t be so thick, u can listen to songs while working, chk mails..what more do ya need buddy) …not saying ‘hi’ to a pal when I meet one (which century r u in da?? just send a hi mail…simple )... not even peeking a look at my fellow mates ( he is busy wid work..and where have I got time for pleasantries)… just fwd-ing the junk i receive to buddies in an attempt to keep in touch ( also learning…remember all that the fwds have taught me?!?) remembering them all with the folder names of inbox( I have loads of such relatives and frnds)….all with jus a few precious moments of catching up frnds…..wishing for a “search” button in life to locate things…( boy, think of the time I can save..in the last-min hurry )remembering some billon contact numbers for a single person( u cant help….mobile, office, resi…phew!)…..missing out all the fun that life has got to offer , that my profession has very easily has forgotten to provide me…Let me think….when did I write( I mean write) to my grandma…play around wid my bro, enjoy the small wonder called life….ashamed to accept, but ages ago…But in reality, those are gonna remain an miracle of the past ….so whats the point in cribbing..this is what I have chosen for a life ……so in an attempt solve the guilt….in an attempt to keep in touch with my family and frnds and abopve all wid myself I’m here blogging …..

All ye ppl with misty eyes..dreaming of swimming in dollars…wait a sec and think …Easy way outta all this probs and complaints….
Blogging is a way out....!
Stay connected!

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