Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What a week!


U know, I was quite busy with work, not to say sometimes lazy too....hehe, to blog..
But today after having accomplished something successfully, I feel as if I have all the time in the world and decided to blog.
I’m waiting for the bus that will take me back home…which is due only after an hour…
Hey, I said I have done something successfully today. It deserves a clap. So here it goes. Clap! Pat!
The matter of talk is - I have made a project delivery today….its not like I have done the whole thing single-handedly or very enthusiastically ….I had all the ups and downs…tears and smiles…throughout this journey…
In the end the tears still remain wet, though the laughter has quite died down…so here I’m sipping my tea…and musing over what happened.

May be these are my just little perceptions…but this is what I feel, nevertheless….

Well….the project work kicked off well last Monday….the first two days were fine, if u don’t take into consideration the snide comments…to which I have, surprisingly, become very much immune…..it helps u know…when u cant avoid something ..just get used to it….

HaHa, where was I, ya, Wednesday, yes..it was bright till noon….after which things went nightmarishly wrong…cudnt help how much ever I tried. Just an ‘Estimation’ earned me a comment that, mornings are wasted teaching me….huh honestly! A bad ending to a day that started fine….Did I say Wednesday was bad? Then Thursday was definitely worse. What with lots of work and ‘highly-motivating’ words. Feeling sorry??? Wait. There is more…Friday dawned bringing with it loads of work and ‘comments’….now it was She who was cross with me….me got blamed for some things, for which I can and I’m sure even She can never account for. Baby this is the corporate world. But this dint affect much. Is it because I’m slowly getting used to all this or Is it because she is thousand miles apart and years away…for imminent seeing??? I do not know. Ultimately with all this happening, the work I was supposed to do got all confused and was unceremoniously termed rubbish, which meant that I had to start the work all over again from the scratch, which also explicitly meant that I will be slogging away this weekend too. Saturday was much better when compared to the whole week, so nothing to gripe abt that day.
So today after all the great ‘praises’ and ‘accolades’ and confusions and tension…I have completed my work.
Did She like it….thats not to worry untill tomoro….I’m trying to live this moment…….

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