Thursday, July 14, 2005

After an year..,

...a year since they parted

The eyes, that made her feel like a woman
The words, that teased her as if she were a child,
The smile, which she longed, wanting for more,
The name, that became her identity
The personality that awakened all her senses…

The touch, which felt like the gentle caress of breeze
The shoulders, where she wanted to lie, all her life
The arms, which she wished, would always hold hers,
The love, which made her dream about togetherness
The secrecy, which made her inner self glow…

The night has not dawned
The dreams still undreamt,
All that she wished...
Is all that she has…

The truth, scar-ed her heart
The depression, engulfed her being,
The revelation, buried her thoughts
The loss in the game, made her quit.

May her love rest in peace!


Harini said...

I can relate to that so much...
Just that it has been a year and a half for me roomie.

CVR said...

real nice post!!

very touching
-Simply CVR

Trinethra said...
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