Monday, July 4, 2005

Loss or Lack?

At times we are happy and elate
Having achieved a feet,
When it feels we have the world
We are so content for words…

At times when frustration has no bound
And in self-pity we ground,
Of loss or failure
We are so choked to talk…

At times when we are near
To someone who is secretly dear,
When time does not move on
We are so thrilled for words…

At times when we are desperate
For any help tiny and need’nt be great
When there shines some hope
We are so grateful to talk…

At times we urge to utter
Words- of consequences we shudder,
Then life would never be the same
Again we play that game…

Amidst the roaring waves,
Singing winds and running thoughts-
There is a pause so wise!
It adds to the music so nice…

To converse, thank or criticize!
These words- says it all
And says it best…

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