Thursday, August 4, 2005

right here right there..

Pre.S: To make up for the crappy blog, before this.
I have been feeling out of place for the past two days. In short, after coming to Hyderabad!
I really don’t have an idea, y it is so! The DC is good, the city has slight evening drizzles almost everyday and it’s adorably breezy. The mood is generally good around. The work is very hectic, giving me no time to think about other stuff and I have a good company. Go back to my nest late in the night with time only for a swift dinner and sleep. I hardly have time to watch TV to distract me. But what is the problem?
Is it because I’m missing my family; or missing Rhea, who has gone to Mumbai for some health reasons; or missing W who seems so near yet so far away; or missing my sweet team there in Chennai; or missing my sweet and understanding Sir who has become someone I shall never have, again; or it because I feel so alienated in this new city?
I’m no stranger to separation. I have been to at a residential college for 4 years, had been frequenting places. But it has never convincingly thought me to bare the separation or i-miss-u factor. I have been to Bangalore for months. But never felt like this before. No wait, there was that one time, I have come close to feeling like this. When my training was called off and posted to Chennai. I had then attributed the feeling to being over anxious about the entry in the professional world. Recently I had been to Bangalore for completing my called off training. Even then I was quite company-less and had loads of work to do. But never once did I feel restless like this.
I can only think of one reason to justify my stand this time. All my previous trips were something I had been looking forward to for some reason or the other. But this one is kind of forced on me, something I dint want to happen at all. (This logic is also capable of explaining my professional-jitters this time last year). All in all, I just want to return back to my own place and escape from the mushy-mush I'm made to hear every day and night.Y God y me of all.Where ever I go, whom ever I meet when its a sidee-state-affair, why is that always have to be "in love".

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Harini said...

Thou shall be back da. Dont worry. We there for u.