Friday, August 12, 2005

My nest

Being in the crowd, yet being alone. This can precisely summarize how it is for me now. Getting back to the un-naturally clean, guest-house of mine in the evening is not pleasing to me. In the confines of my room though I have been provided with all facilities I would need for the short nights I spend there (may be more than what I would actually be needing), I could feel a distinct emptiness. The things around are just artifacts, which is as un-lively as it is supposed to be. No object has that charm, has that appeal, that small lovely memory with it, which could bring a smile to your lips and a bubble to your heart. The cold walls, where there is nothing but loneliness staring at you from every corner, made me appreciate how drastically different is the place outside the world called home. A home is a place where …. I don’t know!!! I have tried (Really! tried) to bring out what home is (not in any particular order).

To me HOME is,

Where there is always a second chance,
Where there are feelings unexpressed yet felt, words unsaid yet understood,
Where every whine is heard as much as every victory is celebrated,
Where it is ok to cry,
Where you can speak your mind and still be perfectly friendly again,
Where there is no need to feign cuteness to please,
Where you can be the way you are and yet be accepted,
Where sorry and thanks are unheard of,
Where one’s problem is every other person’s problem,
Where crying ‘coz of them is unheard of, as much as crying for them,
Where failure is not a sin, but a step to the top,
Where no job/activity is derogatory
Where there are no made up excuses,
Where every one close to you can see right through you,
Where you really are a part of the group you belong to,
Where you will be missed for occasions as silly as even for the evening dinner,
Where there is no need for decorated words to prove you-self,
Where every one is respected beyond prejudices,
Where every brick speak of love and comfort,
Where you own everything though u don’t own anything,
Where your opinion is asked and is really considered,
Where you don’t have to wait for your chance to speak,
Where you can decide,
Where even in the harshest of winter there are sunrays,
Where love spells magic,
Where you can dance as if no one is watching
…Sing as if no one is listening
…Love as if you r going to die tomorrow,
Where even F.R.I.E.N.D.S have a different meaning,
Where there is always some one to welcome,
…Some one’s shoulder to rest on
….Some one’s hand that can be held day and night
Where Things are always what they seem!!!

I miss you!!


Anonymous said...

Who is this love for?

Trinethra said...

obviously the love is for the family i belong to and in the later years the family that will belong to me..

Harini said...

Not for me :(

Trinethra said...

of course for u post is entirely dedicated for u ;)

Balaji said...

"Being in the crowd, yet being alone. " .. there is something in every write-up of yours that reminds me of myself ! ..

Balaji said...

"Where you will be missed for occasions as silly as even for the evening dinner" - Nice !