Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Power of love!

Does love really have the power? The power to change the basic personality/ haracteristics of a person! By love I’m mean not about affection or liking but about the one you share with just one person of the opposite gender. This question occurred to me after I had a long chat with one friend of mine. I had witnessed this very good mate undergo a huge transformation after she found her special person.
I remember the days in my senior days in school, when no one could mistake her to being any thing other than a sweet, talkative girl with happy-go-lucky attitude for any matter, far from the types who are really touchy and sensitive. It would be hard to sustain her interest in something for more than a few days, well except maybe music. Her personality, when I first met her, which then struck me as a bubbly and fun loving did not change much even after we stepped into college. In college each day was pure fun what with meeting up with many new friends, movies and mastee and if there was some time left, then studies. We slowly transformed into good and more mature friends.
And then it happened. Without any planning, without any warning, the lighting struck her and she fell in love. During the second term of the first year, she met him.
He is also into music’, she had said. He had heard this. She became interested in the instrument he played. A rare phenomenon would occur whenever his name was mentioned in her presence, she fell silent.
One thing I should say about the college was that, apart from its glorious merits and fame, it offered one advantage. It was the ample opportunities for people to meet up with each other, at anytime; be it day or night. What with the sports festival, the culturals, the classical events and the technical symposiums! Then the second year came and she said, ‘He is brilliant. And he is sweet too!!’ Quite a true statement considering his academic achievements!! She became very much interested in all things that concerned him; right from what book he read to which music band he liked.., to name a few. He was aware of this.
It was soon our third year, with loads to study bringing us all friends more closer to each other. The second term of the third year, probably the last term together on campus, she said, ‘You know what, he is very attached to his family. He keeps talking about his sis with so much love and affection.I really like that. Guess he is the guy for me!’ He has indeed spoken to her. She became secretive and moody for days at a time.
She was happy and fun but I could say there was some thing running in the back of her mind. Then our finals days in college fast approached, with tensions about placements and future. ‘Yeah, right! Future! How would it be for me if it was with him’ she had emailed me. He had been teased at the farewell party.
To part is the way of life. And to meet again is the hope of life. That’s the way it is for her.
The once happy girl is still so but with a small voice at the back of her mind whispering his name quite very often.
Love is indeed fascinating!


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