Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Assertiveness Skill

“Would you come to the project party? Don’t worry, it won’t be long”
No. Thanks.
“Can u stay here for another one month? It is not that important, but you have been assigned work.”
“Shall we dance in the rain?”
No. I had rather enjoy the rain indoors.
“What would you like to have? Never mind. I will order pizza for you”
No. I would like to have a burger.
“Where can we go shopping? We will go to Hyd Central!”
No. I’m too tired to go shopping.
“Whom do you keep messaging to? Would u like to tell me?”
No. Not yet.
“Why are you wearing this dress to the party? I guess you would need to change before the event”
No. I’m comfortable in this.
“Are u upset? Would u like to talk about what’s troubling you?”
No. Thanks. I can manage myself.
“Come over this weekend”
No. Have some important work to complete.
Simple, though, it sounds now. Just two letters! Just two letters!
Wish I had said it then.


Anonymous said...

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Harini said...

Another blog spam.
Anyways.. Learn to say no when u dont want to. Its essential dear

Balaji said...

Hey Akila, may be i can tell you how to be assertive and i know you would be assertive enough to give me a 'No. Thanks.' for that ;-)