Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm noticing

'Akkam pakkam yaarum illa' and 'Urugude marugudhe' songs have very similar start

"Namma nezhal irukke, adha madhichu thorathina, namma vitu velagi velagi than pogum. Ada che po! nu thirumbi nadandha ozhunga namma pinnadi varum" - This is very true!

This bit of 'Kannodu kaanbadhellam' (0:22s) resembles/is from a very famous Murugan song(0:23s)

In HP, at the end of OoTP how did Snape communicate and alert the order from Hogwarts. If he has used Patronus, did anyone find it wierd that his is a doe? You think atleast Sirius would have noticed that!

Orbit Wintermint tastes like 'Gopal pal podi'

To see someone saying 'Cool' and appear so Un-cool when saying that, watch Sivaji! Can’t comment more on ‘buddy’! I sincerely hope he sticks with things that suit him better - ‘Lakalakalakkkaa’ and such.

Sincere tears can melt anybody

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