Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is silver lining a myth?

When you try real hard to stop a certain series of thoughts from surfacing, it more often than not keeps coming up, more often than usual. Sometimes even when least expected. You get depressed, irritable and generally become indifferent to the tasks at hand. Later at some point of time you shake out of them and promise yourself that you will not let the gloom take over you anymore. You relax because you think you are safe now since the thought demon has been beheaded, but you quickly realize that there are more heads in that place now. It will prove more impossible to hold those thoughts at bay, when all you are doing is trying to do is find a quick-fix for the issues. It is like trying not to fall asleep when you are already half asleep, but only a whole lot tougher than that. So when it is slowly creeping up again, you resign and try to at least see the world around that said thought. Yet somehow you end up mulling over the same thing over and over again. In essence, it is something just like this post -making no sense, but struggling to make it anyway.

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