Thursday, October 11, 2007

Something I wanted to say metamorphosed to this

There are varied people around us. Each one with slightly unique characteristics, behavior, views on right or wrong and different approach to different things. As we come across each of these characters, they rub some of themselves onto us. We become aware of things that we might have missed to notice till then; our likes dislikes might get changed, or, maybe not. Yet, the undeniable thing in this subject is that each person we come to face in life have in one way or the other, be it big or minute, have had caused the slightest of change in us, within us. Of course, it is up to us to accept or neglect the influence. Either ways, each entity in the picture is as important as the other to provide the overall image an attraction and meaning.

Have you wondered, why should someone come into my life, why should I feel about them the way I feel about them, and why should it all have the ending it has or why should I miss them this bad that it hurts to even think about them? I have come across such people, of whose presence in my life, I can never hide nor forget. I have had my share of good friends, shabby relationships, bitter memories and soul touching moments. I do, yes, I do think it is some power much greater than all of us that has had a hand in such incidents / accidents. I can’t say enough about how fascinating this whole design is - each one of the concerned people think their versions of those incidents and are satisfied with that. It is not a wonder, that sometimes when two or more of those versions merge there comes out some sparks. To me, personally, these versions exist solely on the simple concept, that all of us have our own image of every other person we come across. We see someone so macho and imagine them to be strong and fearless, but when we realize they are scared of flower pollen, our image of them gets tarnished, and when that someone comes to know of our tarnished imagine of them, their image of us gets smudged as well. Even in the personal front, I started this write up to be a foreword as something else, but this has become a post on its own. Who is it say, if it is the way things should be?

My opinion is - the most complex of all the science is to analyze how the human mind and heart works. Not the nerves and emotions, but the package as a whole. I guess this is what makes us different from robots. I believe this is why human mind cannot directly be equated to some constants and variables of a programming language and executed in the motive of getting desired output. I mean, each one has that control, to some extent, within themselves. And in some case using some variable emotions as global variable to override someone else’s local variable, we can achieve desired results. But that’s about it. Only He got the power, the Admin - who else can get a hold on the whole access roles.

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