Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It might sting!

Is it taboo, to express concern over another’s excess caffeine or unhealthy food consumption? If one doesn’t mind telling million times to get through and make the other listen to their request for attention over the issue, does it show love or the ‘need to control’? Is the constant telling the problem, or matter of expressing is itself a problem? Is it prescribed that one should only remain calm, when witnessing another’s error of judgment in a matter of life and death? Is self hygiene not a must? And in those cases when it is missed, if reminding that, makes one arrogant and superior, then is it not unfair? When does the concern cross the line to become control? Since when did caring and over-powering get mixed up? Was it when indifference and ‘giving the needed space’ become synonymous? Is a slight variation from the state of ‘giving free rein’ directly take one to ‘dominance’? Where is the elusive harmony? If being flexible and accommodating makes ones a loser, then that is an obscene sense of sense. Even more offensive is mistaking control over concern. But the winner in this odious category would be the word-proof attitude – “Say all you want. Watch me pretend to listen and see me do what I feel like doing. You’d rather, save your breath”. When one craves for another to hold hands and enjoy the magical full moon view from the air plane, with no questions asked, but just soaking in the moment, is that a tall request? HOW does that fall into the bucket of ‘Don’t try to change me from the person I’m into someone I’m not’? YOU ARE EXPECTED TO CHANGE. ATLEAST MAKE AN EFFORT. How does prompting one to improve their quality of standard, for personality improvement, make them to feel claustrophobic? Does anything dictate that one should just witness the stagnation and be content with it, rather than to raise a voice and speak? If that’s so, then all beliefs and notions, about relationships, are passé! Then there would be no hope for growth and development, any further! Just passion would not sustain interest, through and through. Is it too much, to expect, from another, the same amount of crude concern, in all areas? Does demanding the same interest as expressed by one, from another, too much? Really, how much is too much? I don’t understand.

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