Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Write this on my Epitaph

I wish I were dim-witted to care what Others said of me. I wish I was a genius to care what Others thought of me. I wish I had means to be all that the Others wanted me to be. All and nothing! Yes. I would have broken. I would have gone mad. But I would have had a life that some Other accepted of. At least the Others would have been happy, if not me.

Successful in my own mortal ways, finally unmindful of the whispers of Other’s “could have been” and “should have been”, and, what I “would have been” if only I had been by them, I lay here still.

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Anonymous said...

Wishing that you can yearn to other's wants is wishful thinking. It ain't fair, you be the buzz, the energy and whatever you are, even it be inane for others

You have your values and this helps to have your personality, not become zero personality