Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Death Star and the rest.

I have three things to say today. I was talking to a few people and reading and watching a few things yesterday. I chanced upon these things simultaneously. They somehow seem interconnected and makes sense, together, in a good way. I take it to mean that we need to hold on to our beliefs and be humble enough to seek/ accept help.

I won’t put out disclaimers saying who said what. Whoever said it knows it...so!

Obsession is a form of an escape mechanism. Mostly to overcome some or the other deficiency. Some people use it as an alternate to their handicap (not quite literally), and make it a point to concentrate on that and not to divert their mind on to their short-comings and wallow. As long as there is passion, others things would seem minor and unimportant. It’s kind of like a Death Star, an unattainable object, a fascination that guides them through the life’s ups and downs and provides a direction, a goal. Whatever comes in the way of that is nothing but a mere obstacle which can be easily encountered.

We will face no burden that He thinks we cannot bear. I would like to think so. No, on some level I believe so. I depend on Him and expect Him to take care of me. But I want to be able to really trust in God and let Him help me and guide me. When I’m burdened and if what is said is true about 'all burdens are bearable', all I ask of Him is to stay near me and give me the courage and strength to see it through.

Our mind can protect us from extreme stress in a significant ways. Human mind has its own unique method of handling things and guarding us from hardships. It can heal hearts, conceive belief, it will do all it can to not let the suffering really break the man. If you are upset by anything more often than not the mind would point out to something that will act as a diversion. If only we consciously realize that we are being helped.

All I take from the above is the power of trusting. Be it in your own obsession and the single minded ferocity to make it happen and achieve something you desire. Be it the trust in the supreme God who can guide and provide light in the darkest hours. Be it the trust on your self, your personality, your mind, the years of diligence to tone it and tune it right, to make you believe that there is still hope left.

Do you think too that they are related and they mean the same thing in a different ways? Let me know too.

Today I was: Wearing old printed black bottoms/pants, a faded dark blue kurta with dirty-cream duppatta, maroon sandals, black handbag, assorted single red and abother yellow glass bangles; the hair was held up by a multicolor gemstone clip and a white flower. I didn’t freak out. If this had happened few years back I would have died in shame. Frankly now I don’t care! Why?

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